Trademark Registration

It is quite simple to register a trademark (brand name, company name, logo, symbol, device), which gives you exclusive legal rights to your trademark and provides better protection. The establishment of a brand name starts with this step. You can distinguish your goods and services from those of others on the market by registering a distinctive trademark. Furthermore, it serves as a deterrent against others who might try to pass off their goods as your own.
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As a Trademark, what types of products can you register?

It is possible to register your brand image as a trademark in many aspects. In order to have a successful brand, you need to think about what makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Choose the aspect(s) you wish to register.


A product’s name can be registered as a trademark. iPod is a trademark owned by Apple.
The most common method a business uses to register a trademark is to use its name. Ex: Bajaj.
If you consider your name an important source of revenue, you might want to trademark it! Ex: Shah Rukh Khan has trademarked his name.
Some abbreviations of company or brand names may also constitute trademarks. Ex: BMW.


You should trademark your logo since it represents your brand visually. Unlike names, your customers can recall a logo faster. An excellent example of a logo trademark is the ‘swoosh’ used by Nike.


You can trademark your brand’s tagline as well. You can use a tagline to tell your customers what your business stands for. A good example is KFC’s “It’s finger licking good”.

What makes us special?

Our blueprint is based on concepts like customer-centricity, timely delivery, honest response, and professional assistance. Our trademark registration consultants and trademark attorneys adhere to these principles unwaveringly. We not only specialize in trademark registration, but in every aspect of the development of your valuable brand. We provide advice and assistance on brand development and protection for business owners so they can focus entirely on their business. Let us handle your trademark registration so you can focus on running your business.