Secretarial Compliance

A flurry of new regulations has been added to Indian laws over the past years, including private limited companies and one person companies (OPCs). A professional must be hired in order to keep track of the applicability of these compliances and to uphold them. Furthermore, you should ensure that you do not miss out on any compliance, as failure to do so can be extremely costly.
MCA will issue a show cause notice to any company that fails to comply with any applicable regulation. The company will need to respond with adequate reasons and any related fees, if applicable. Additionally, directors may be disqualified and, in some instances, companies may be struck off as well.
Faucone Accounting has responded to the same needs by offering company compliance packages specifically geared towards OPCs and private limited companies. Various factors have been considered when designing these packages.
Secretarial and compliance services are becoming increasingly important in India.
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, regularly improves the overall status of corporate governance and regulation in India, in order to meet the demands of its massive and fast-paced economy, ease of doing business in India, foreign direct investment (FDI) in India, and the best possible benefits to and welfare of stakeholders, customers, and the whole nation at large. In addition to requiring companies to provide perfect and timely secretarial services to the government, the Indian Companies Act of 2013 (including all subsequent amendments thereto so far) also requires these to increase their disclosures.

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There are several benefits to choosing the Secretarial Compliance package:

Faucone Accounting has a dedicated team of company secretaries, legal professionals, and Chartered Accountants who have extensive knowledge of various corporate laws and commercial / legal documentation. Having experience across a range of sectors and expertise in all areas of corporate secretarial matters, our team is highly in tune with business requirements.
To ensure compliance with the applicable secretarial standards, the experts team at Faucone provides a comprehensive solution according to the procedures outlined in the Companies Act, its rules, and any other laws applicable to the company.