ROC E Filing

ROC Filing requires every company to file its annual accounts and annual return according to The Companies Act, 2013 within 30 days and 60 days, respectively, via a computerized filing system along with the prescribed fees or additional fees in the event of a delayed filing.
Documents, returns, etc., that are required for ROC Forms Filings can be categorized as those that are required to be filed annually (Annual Filing Obligations) and those that are required to be filed periodically with ROC/Central Government as provided under the Act.

A Description of ROC functions

How Registrars of Companies (ROC) Register Companies

A company cannot exist by itself. After several statutory requirements have been met, it requires a certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies. Several documents must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies by the promoters as part of the statutory procedure. As part of the required documents are the Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA), pre-incorporation agreement for appointing directors or managing directors, and the statement of an authorized person confirming compliance with registration requirements.
The ROC inputs the company’s name in the company register and issues a certificate of incorporation after authenticating the documents. A certificate of commencement of business is also issued by the Registrar with the certificate of incorporation. Obtaining this certificate before starting a business is a requirement for public limited companies.
The team consists of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries, who are handling the ROC services such as annual filings, secretarial services.
Our services also include e-filing of ROC annual returns, appointment/resignation of directors, creation/modification/satisfaction of charges, change of address, winding up of a company, compliance certificate of Company Secretary, and Company Secretarial Audit.