Provisional Patent

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A provisional patent registration is usually applied for before a full application is made. An outlook patent is registered as a provisional patent in the office of the controller of patents before the complete patent specification has been filed.
Provisional patents are known as such because the patent is incomplete. Provisional patent registration does not have to be obtained, but it does have several benefits for the inventor. If the applicant believes that the invention has reached the point where it can be disclosed on paper but has not reached the final step, a provisional specification is filed along with the patent application.
Patent applications are usually accompanied by a provisional specification to secure a priority date over any other patent application filed for the same invention. The design and specifications must be detailed in order to obtain a complete patent. Patenting requires a lot of research and development. Provisional patent registration can be obtained even if a design or process has not been fully developed.
An important reason for getting a provisional patent is to provide security and interim protection to the applicant until a full patent can be obtained.

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