Patent Registration

Don't let your ideas for new creations be stolen by others. Protect your inventions with every legal rights and be a patentee.

Patent is a form of intellectual property that grants you the exclusive rights to safeguard your inventions. The previously mentioned rights are conceded by the government itself. It is the filing which is included under the patent act 1970 and rules 1972.

Why patent is necessary?

Getting patent registration for your ideas is worth it. The reason one should get patent filed because it will prevent the use of your invention by third parties without your due permission.
To put it in simple words there will always be some exploitation against the new ideas so to avoid this act you should legally bind your ideas and inventions to your name. By having it patented you legally get the ownership on your invention.
Faucone accounting with surety gets your ideas and inventions be patented. What matters is the safety and security of your innovation. Our accounting gives you complete assurance that the absolute process of patent registration is carried out in a smooth manner without any hurdles. So that there would be none to get hold of your inventions without your consent.

Advantages of securing patent

Once you get patented there are numerous beneficial points, which may include following:
There are various types of patents which are accessible that involve Design patent, Utility patent, Plant patent and many more on the basis of invention. Each type of patent has its own eligibility criteria and protect distinct type of discovery.

What can and cannot be patented

Patent protection can be claimed for wide range of ideas and inventions. It majorly includes
Some inventions, discoveries still cannot be patented due to the reasons of there operation, which may include the following: