IEC Registration

IEC Registration – Your Key Business Identification Number

IS IEC code Mandatory to sustain in the International Market?

Wondering whether your business will require an IEC code? We’re here to explain things to you.
The import and export of commodities usually takes place, but you will need a valid license to take such a process into action. This code is mandatory for the import and export of goods as well as services.
So, there is definitely a pressing need to get the Import Export License Code (IEC) if you are looking forward to expanding your business across countries.

What do you actually mean by Service Exports?

In simple terms, services that are rendered outside India are claimed to be export services. Here, in this type of trading, you would get your reimbursement in a foreign currency (the country in which you trade). This can also be explained as the services offered by a person or a company from one country and selling them to a different country. There are a couple of benefits to this.

What do you get from IEC?

How does the entire process take place?

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