Halal Certification

What is the general meaning of the term ‘Halal’?

The word halal comes from the Quran and means “permitted” or “lawful”. Accordingly, Halal refers to the classification of foods and consumables that are permissible for consumption and usage by Muslims, according to Islamic law, namely Shariah.
Besides ensuring a person’s health and well-being, Halal promotes cleanliness in his or her everyday activities as well as ensuring that the food they consume is clean, hygienic, and will not harm them in any way. With increasing consumer awareness about Halal foods, more and more companies are searching for Halal Certification for their products, premises, restaurants, etc. In this article, we look at the process of obtaining Halal Certification in India.

What Halal certification can do for you

The Certification procedure for Halal

We, at Faucone Accounting, provide you with all the proper as well as the legal guidance and assistance to our valuable clients who are looking for halal certification for their food business in anywhere across India. We assist our clients in choosing a halal certification body that is valid and reliable. Providing hassle-free registration for our clients is one of the services we provide through our team of halal certification experts.