GEM Portal Registration

Gem e-Marketplace Registration Gem stands for a one-stop government e-Marketplace that enables common users to purchase goods and services. For government officers, Gem is a self-sustaining, dynamic and user-friendly platform for procuring products and services.
Reforms in Public Procurement are one of the top priorities of the current government, as public procurement forms a very important part of Government activity. It is a bold step of the Government to introduce the Government e-Marketplace (Gem –, which is intended to transform how public sector undertakings and other apex bodies of the Central Government procure goods and services.

Why GeM registration?

An online government marketplace provides several government departments, associations, and public sector undertakings with an easy way to procure goods and services. Public procurement is being made more transparent, efficient, and timely through this portal. Government users can use tools such as reverse e-auctions, e-bidding, and demand aggregation to receive the best value for their money. Gem registration, Gem portal consultancy, Gem seller registration, register on Gem, register on the government e-market. Ministry of Finance has authorized and made mandatory the purchases through Gem by Government users by adding a new Rule No. 149 to the General Financial Rules, 2017. With a Gem registration, you can take advantage of smart trade and commerce offered by the government, such as – Provides a user-friendly dashboard for buying, monitoring supplies, and making payments.

The Gem seller’s advantages

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