Design Registration

Register your shop under the shop act to run a Seamless Business

Protect your work and celebrate your legal rights with copyrights.
Copyright is a kind of intellectual property protection similar to that of trademark and patents. This registration falls under the Copyright Act, 1957.
The reason to get your work copyrighted is because you will get the status of the legal owner of the original work, whether it is a book, painting, music, website, and the list goes on.
Faucone Accounting gives you the security to make your works copyrighted to avoid any reproduction of your works or service. This will grant you complete authority over your work. So, you can rest assured that no person or company can make use of the work that you registered for copyrights, without your due permission.
Faucone Accounting gives you complete assurance and security over your creation from any sort of infringement. We carry out the entire process of Copyright registration in a very seamless and hassle-free manner and get your doubts cleared smoothly.

What can be protected under copyright?

Things or services that are eligible to be protected are as follows:

Is it necessary to get Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration is crucial for those who make or manufacture unique things that depict their business or service and is very confidential. Getting a Copyright protects your companies, authors, writers, software developers, and much more. In addition to this, it also offers many advantages: