About us


Accounting services are offered by Faucone Accounting is to help you get tax-ready financial statements when you need them. As a bookkeeping partner, we deliver high-quality bookkeeping and accounting services with utmost confidentiality and security.
We believe that customers’ exact needs must be understood, and then an optimal solution must be developed that fits their different business requirements. Our accounting services include a range of services to meet the needs of clients pan India, including –

A professional accounting team, with international experience.

We offer our clients the best taxation services with our broad range of resources. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds, such as law, commerce, and accounting, make up our team. We’ve also been able to provide timely services.
Our core competencies include Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Income Tax. For Advisory, Consultation, and Opinions on tax matters you can always count on us. Additionally, we are among the most reputable firms offering tax planning services.
Across Faucone’s organization, we are committed to quality and integrity with an aim of serving and enhancing the communities in which we do business. We inspire confidence and empower change in our environment, which is marked by rapid change and unprecedented disruption.
Our goal is to drive positive, sustainable change for clients, our employees and society as a whole by assisting other organizations in mitigating risks and capturing opportunities.

Quality that transcends borders

While our solutions are suitable for small and medium-sized companies, we are also at home in the big data world of large organizations. We serve a variety of clients, such as hip online start-ups, large international corporations, traditional industrial, trade, and service firms and traditional industrial, trade, and service firms.

Your needs are our priority

Our ability to work collaboratively with our customers is rooted in our understanding of their corporate cultures, their specific working methods, their processes, and the market requirements that they face every day. To ensure rapid knowledge transfer, we provide workshops, training, webinars, and specialist events. Faucone Accounting is a great example of our training platform, which combines all of our training and continuing education to provide customers with flexible, in-depth training across a wide range of disciplines, from data analysis to digital workflow.